Childproof Adjustable Safety Cabinet Locks – Latches for Baby Proofing your Home. 6 Pack (Wood)

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– The best safety product to baby-proof cupboards, drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, etc. Adjustable length.

– Specially designed to keep even the most persistent toddlers out of drawers, while allowing easy access for adults.

– Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass, etc.

– Carefully selected light wood color to match home furniture.

– The world's best 3M foam adhesive tape – strong, yet easily removable.

WARNING! The use of baby-proofing safety locks is not a substitute for adult supervision. Never use safety locks to safeguard hazardous items that could hurt small children. Please halt use of the product if there is any damage. To reuse the lock, use new 3M adhesive tape.

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It may sometimes be troublesome having friends or relatives with toddlers come visit your house, as babies are known to look inside and scatter the contents of each and every drawer in your home. OXLAY’s Child Safety Locks put a stop to curious babies and toddlers immediately.

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Childproof your home with style! OXLAY’s Baby Proof Adjustable Safety Cabinet Locks is a simple, universal and really functional way of securing cabinets and drawers, as well as refrigerators, closets, dressers, toilets, trash bins, appliances, ovens, windows, doors, etc. These locks can also be used as pet-proofing products to secure cabinets, drawers or trash bin from your curious cat or dog. OXLAY’s Safety Latches can be used as earthquake locks in earthquake-prone areas.

OXLAY’s locks are non-toxic. It’s a perfect solution for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters and nannies. OXLAY’s Baby Safety Locks are manufactured from Premium quality  ABS Resin + PE Resin.

Flexible, adjustable-length, high-quality strap works on most surfaces and around corners.

No drilling, no screws, no tools needed. You’ll just need a few minutes to install these locks and instantly childproof your house!. The world’s best 3M adhesive foam tape has been specially designed to neither leave a stain nor mark the surface.

OXLAY’s Baby Proof Adjustable Safety Cabinet Locks are solidly built, extremely versatile and functional, and surprisingly easy to use. The simple design is created use the locks with one hand.

Choose from different colors to better match your furniture: natural wood, dark brown, or white. OXLAY has designed the locks to go with almost any furniture in your house!


  • Clean the surface with alcohol wipes and allow to dry.
  • Slide the anchor part into the unlocked position and adjust the length of the strap, trimming if necessary.
  • Slide the anchor part into the locked position.
  • Remove the 3M protective film and press both ends of the lock onto the prepared surface for two minutes. Do not touch the adhesive foam with your hands.
  • Do not use the lock for 24 hours following installation so as to allow the adhesive tape to harden.
  • 24 hours after installation, the lock is ready for use. Use the lock on a regular basis.


The locks can be uninstalled without any damage to your furniture. Just follow the instructions below to safely and easily uninstall them:

There are two ways to take the locks off furniture.

1) Take a piece of dental floss, wind it around your index fingers, put it under the attached part and carefully saw it back and forth. Roll the remains of the adhesive up with your fingers, it should easily come unstuck (peel off). If anything still remains, use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive, which will allow you to remove everything.

2) Heat up the locks with a hair dryer for five to seven minutes and the locks will peel off with minimal effort.

Watch the install/uninstall video instructions on our how-tos page.

OXLAY’s Baby Proof Adjustable Safety Cabinet Locks  are a must have for parents who wish their children happy and their house ideally organized! When you decide to order yourself a set of these amazing Safety Locks, think about ordering another one for the grandparents’ house! OXLAY’s Baby Proof Adjustable Safety Cabinet Locks make a fantastic gift for moms and dads.

We offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If for whatever reason you don’t absolutely love your new premium quality baby safety cabinet locks, simply return them. We’ll refund your full purchase price (or replace them if there is a problem).

Legal Disclaimer

This product is not a substitute for adult supervision. Never leave your children unattended! Any small object can be a choking hazard. Don’t use this product on hot surfaces with temperatures exceeding 140°F. Keep all dangerous and toxic substances out of reach of children. Check the product regularly to guarantee safe use. If worn or damaged, remove the lock immediately and/or replace if needed. Misuse, alteration, improper assembly or negligence invalidates claims against the seller or manufacturer.

If you need anything from us at all, OXLAY is always here to help. Happy parenting, from the OXLAY team.


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